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        We provide solutions across a broad range of industries. Some examples of industries where we can help with dust or fume issues are shown here, but our full range covers almost every industrial environment.


        1. Composites: The composites industry in the UK is a huge success story but at its core is detailed finishing of parts, which produces problem dust. Our range of downdraught benches, cross-draught systems, and modular booths provides a simple and effective way of solving composite dust issues. Find out more
        2. Aerospace: The UK aerospace industry covers almost every manufacturing discipline from machining through to fabrication and precision part assembly. We can provide solutions to most manual process dust issues within the industry and with our OMF range can also solve your issues with coolant mist from machining. Find out more
        3. Tool Hire: The tool hire sector deals with problem dust in every machine returned from a customer. The dust content of a machine is typically unknown, as is the type of dust. Cleaning off-hire tools outside is no longer an acceptable process and our downdraught benches for tool hire solve this issue in almost any tool hire environment.
        4. Fabrication: Fabrication processes including welding, grinding, fettling, deburring and polishing all produce problem dust and fumes, and are almost always skilled manual operations. Operators are exposed to high levels of dust and fumes on a daily basis; we provide solutions to almost every aspect of fabrication. Find out more
        5. Stone Masonry: Stone work produces high volumes of dust which can be highly hazardous to health. Our range encompasses light duty downdraught benches to assist with general dust capture, through to our high volume self-cleaning benches and cross-draught systems for serious production level dust extraction. Find out more
        6. Rapid Prototyping: Fine finishing of prototypes is close, accurate work and produces very fine dusts which operators are continually exposed to. Traditional methods of extraction are not helpful in this environment and our range of downdraught benches for the prototyping industry allow operators uninterrupted focus on the work in hand which effectively protecting them from dusts. Find out more
        7. Machining: CNC machining produces problem coolant mists which lead to health issues, slippery floors, and contamination of parts. Our AOF and OMF ranges tackle oil mist and coolant mist effectively and economically while our professional design and installation service allows you to hand over the problem of mist filtration to experts.? Find out more

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